Everything we do is tailored to fit your municipality’s specific needs. We work together with our clients to understand and address what keeps leaders awake at night.

We offer senior-level expertise in the following areas:

  • Organizational & Operational Reviews – Structural Reviews, Change Readiness, Safety Program Audits, Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness.
    • Organizational structure assessments that look at span of control, number of reporting levels, delegated authority, risk management and more
    • Operational assessments to maximize the use of resources within fiscal constraints

  • Emergency Medical Service & Fire Service Reviews – Deployment Models, Staffing, Operational Performance, Governance, and Financial Oversight.
    • With a speciality in emergency response services, assess deployment models, staffing levels, scheduling, labour relations and more
    • Assess the effectiveness of the service and develop methods to reduce costs and improve performance.

  • Fleet Reviews – Condition Assessments, Utilization, Telematics, Risk Management, Electrification, Sustainability, Governance, and Financial Oversight.
    • Lifecycle fleet planning and management
    • Procurement standards
    • Preventive maintenance scheduling and standards